White Dragon brings a dash of excitement to any event.
We have 10 years of experience at events around the UK attracting up to 20,000
visitors, including:
  • history fairs such as Colchester's Medieval Festival
  • the grand opening of the new Mary Rose museum in Portsmouth
  • National Trust festivals like Castaway and Woodfest in Essex
  • open days at stately homes like Speke Hall in Liverpool
  • local authority-run festivals such as SWFest in Chelmsford
  • sessions and fairs at schools around Essex and Suffolk
If your event has a special theme, we love to get into the spirit of things. We'll dress up and even have a resident artist who can produce a fantastic hand-painted custom target especially for your event.
Our coaches
We have a team of experienced coaches who can chat to your visitors about archery in general as well as teaching them the basics. Depending on your event, we can provide an in-depth talk to a group or give visitors a fantastic short experience with a have-a-go stall: it's up to you.
Our have-a-go stall
Would you like historical or modern archery? We provide two options.
  • Authentic medieval/Tudor tent
  • Real English longbows and smart handmade arrows
  • Historically-themed targets (3D animals also available)
  • Coaches in authentic historical outfits
  • We can also bring along a display of arrows from throughout the ages,
    medieval archer's clothing and other props
  • Backing net and rope fencing to ensure safety
  • Recurve bows and modern metal arrows
  • Standard circle targets, or if you would prefer, targets to suit your theme -
    including, but not limited to, zombies, wild creatures and giant insects
  • Backing net and rope fencing to ensure safety
Talks and Demonstrations
Our talks and demonstrations are bookable alongside our have-a-go stall or separately - the choice is yours! 
Choose from:
  • demonstrations of archery skill and power, including fire arrows and Roman archery
  • an authentically-dressed medieval fletcher showing the skills of arrow-making
  • bushcraft and survival skills, including firelighting, foraging and more. Our Army-trained speaker covers the basic aspects of wilderness survival in a UK setting.
  • an interactive talk on archers and the English longbow, covering all aspects of medieval archery. Discover the archers of the past, the mighty yew longbow, different arrows and their uses, and fletching the traditional way.
We can bring along our team of medieval and Tudor re-enactors, including our very own lady of the manor, Beatrice!
Home Education Groups
We welcome enquiries from home education groups who would like to visit us and learn about archery, history and all manner of things. Mark, our head coach, has a degree in Marine and Freshwater Biology and will be happy to divert down that  particular rabbit hole!
Contact us for more information and a friendly chat.

White Dragon Archery attended our Medieval Fete here at Feeringbury Manor three years running and their pretty tent always helped set the medieval scene and the archery was extremely popular.  They were charming to deal with and a great success with visitors to the Fete. Sonia Coode-Adams